Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breading Rabbits

For the past little while (since the start of Novemeber, when I had a heart attack over how fast Christmas was sneaking up on me and how I'd nothing made and ready for gifts etc..) I've been franticly trying to make things for Christmas... I have decided to make rabbits for my nieces (I doubt I'll have much time for anything else) - but somehow a few have found their way into the hands of others (would you believe it??!) as birthday gifts!!
I have made 4 more that are stuffed and ready to be dressed for my nieces but cant photgraph them as yet considering I sit in my hospital bed at this very moment and they are at home in a basket next to my sewing table... (I pray my beautiful, obeident - who am I kidding - children have not gotten into my room again and trashed it - bless them - Ill kill them in the most lovingly way possible if they have! 

Here are pictures of the first three that I've made and that have dissapeared (one deservidly so as she has been given away in exchange for a manicure!) 

I shall put up another picture of the other Rabbits that I'm making when I get home... Tell me what you think of these ones so far... 

Toodles.. Trystan

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh My Stars Quilt Along...

I've decided to take part in a new quilt along! Ok... I know I find it very hard to stick to quilt alongs but this one I think has got my full support and energy!! YAY!! 

This quilt along is known as a "Oh My Stars" by Sheila... and this is what it looks like! 

So what do you think of it?? I LOVE IT!! An this is the fabric that I'm going to use... 

And the background fabric/colour that I've decided to use (simply because it is the cheapest - being $3-6 a meter - and not to mention I'm obsessed with it...) is CALICO!!! It looks classic and goes with pretty much any colour or fabric type!! So yes... I LOVE IT!! And have loads of it!! 

ANYWAYS... This is one of my new projects!! And since it is going to be done slowly and bit by bit, I have all confidence in myself that this task can be accomplished!! YAY!

As an added bonus and as a way for my Canadian Sister, Brie, and I to connect and keep connected... *sigh* I miss her very much... HEAR THAT BRIE!! I MISS YOU!! 

I'll keep you posted as to what happens with the Oh My Stars Quilt along ok??

Toodles... Trystan

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two in the Bed...

Last week some time, my second youngest was having a really rough night... It took over two hours to help her get settled again! I tried everything! My bed, her bed, out in the lounge, with her older siblings and even with the dog! Vini was sleeping next to me on the floor when in trudged my little miss dragging her little couch with her! She put it next to Vini then dashed off to get a few things... A blanket, pillow, bottle, glowy and Franky (Franky being the name she calls her little cuddle blanket as she can't get her mouth around blanky...)
So after many a trip back and forth, I helped her set up in the hopes that she would drop  off to sleep coz I was beginning to get cranky pants!
She insisted that Vini have a blanket too... *sigh* I was ready to do anything to get her to bed by this stage, so off I stumbled and came back with a towel (no way was the dog gonna get a quilt of mine like little miss demanded- I'm sorry Son! I love u - but there is a limit...and your smell is it!)

So this is the picture of the two of them! Snug as a bug in a rug!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Monkey Buisness

Last night I took on a project that I've been dying to try out since I first saw my girlfriends little boy wriggling his cute as bottom in my face! lol! 
I'm of course talking about a sweet and totally charming pair of pants called Monkey Pants... Or as I like to refer to them as MONKEY BUMS! 

Now I bought the pattern on Etsy (I looked up Monkey Pants Pattern) and it cost me only $15 for the PDF of which came in 3 sizes... 6mths, 1yr and 2yr... I also chose to get the leggings pattern instead of the flares considering I have girls and leggings look so much sweeter under shirts and peeking from under ruffles and skirts! Though it being summer here and the temprature reaching 30 degrees and higher, I've had to modify the pattern slightly to accomodate our climate... So I have made them short monkey bums! Either way they still look as cute! lol

These pictures are of my very first attempt at making them and they are pretty smick even if I do say so myself and toot my own horn! TOOT! TOOT! 

 (Though she was asleep, I undressed Milly - my youngest - just to see what they looked like on and then took as many photos as I could whilst she wriggled and rolled around to settle herself and get comfy again... maybe poking her once or twice to make her move into a more photogenic position... lol)

I finished them around 1am... it took me so long because I was watching a 3hr long movie in the reflection of my sewing room window LOL! You see I dont have a tv in my sewing room... my thinking is why should I waste time watching tv when I could constructivly use my time sewing! ;)  Yes... welll that is the theory isnt it! :P 
Any ways... getting back too it... in essance the bums didnt really take that long to make from begining to finish... or at least they wouldnt have if that darn movie wasn't on! *sigh* It really matters not since the pants are made and I feel good today...

The material I use was a bargain! I went op shopping again yesterday and bought childrens shirts that had pretty pictures and sayings on them so that I could cut them up and use them for the different coloured bum patches. The patch on Milly's bottom came from a baby long sleeve shirt! The other pink fabric came from an op shop too and I think I only payed $3.00 for almost 2meters... So in essance these pants only cost me $2-$3!! BONUS!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

* Happy Dance *

I finished my Sudoku quilt last week sometime and am proud as punch to show you a photo of it... 
Here it is! My finished product! And I'm mighty proud of it! Even if I do say somyself! Its my first completed quilt that I have done entirely on my own from woe to go AND its the.first quilt I've ever made that I'm heartilysatisfied with! *does ahappy dance* 
The other picture isof a spot on my quilt where I received some loving help from my youngest blossom. AsI sat hand stitching the binding down,Milly- who is just learning to toddle-came up to me with the brightest ofgrins, face and hands covered in chocolate to show off how good of a walker she had now become- when suddenly she tripped and landed in my lap hands and face sprawled all over my lovely nearly finished quilt... *lovingly sigh* this quilt already has  memories... Thank goodness for nappy san... ;-)  I love it!

P.s... This my first post via email, so please forgive me of all the mistakes...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Op Shop Hoppin'


 Every week or so I love to go into town with my littlies and my very good friend Sophie. We go op shop hopping - or second hand shopping - to find anything that takes our fancy like  fabric, patterns and pretty much anything that can be recycled into new clothes or made into something new for the home. When we shop we have 5 children under 4 in toe so it is kind of na adventure going from shop to shop, but it is so worth it when we find AWESOMENESS! 
One such time was the other day when at one of our favorite fabric hot spots Sophie spied a floral quilt top that she didnt like so much (which was a blessing for me coz it rang my bells!) so I got it! The quilt top was only $10! WHAT A BARGAIN! 
My next amazing find was a complete quilt! When I say complete quilt I mean that it had a quilt top, batting and backing fabric! All I need to do with this quilt is to actually quilt it and then bind it! Now this beauty only cost me $20! This one by far was my best and most favorite find! 
Here are some pictures of my finds... though I will confess that that Im not much good with a camera (To be honest I'm mighty pathetic!) but I'm sure you'll forgive me... right? ;)

This is the $10 floral quilt top...

And this one is the $20 complete quilt! It has fishes on it! I love it and honestly I'd never had chosen to make this quilt off my own back, (I dont normally like fishes) but the colours and the way this woman has made it, I can almost feel the care that she has taken with every stitch...

Im overly romantic by nature... lol

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take 2...

What do ye think?

What do you think of my new blog? It has taken me ages to get it sorted and done... And I'm proud to announce that I have done it all by my lonesome! I've even added a signature *does a little dance* ! Some  time soon I'll get myself together enough to get a twitter button and other buttons that lead to other pages and the like!

Tell me what you think??!! I'd love to know!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long Ago...

Long ago, I ordered a quilt kit from and planned to do it while we moved... You see we were moving cities and there would b a long time spent staying in a hotel room with my littlies. So with that plan in place I organized to have cart some essential sewing things with me (much to my husbands dismay) such as my sewing machine, some fabric and cutting thingies (im very technical) and off we headed...Ha! WHO WAS I KIDDING!? 4 children under 6 in a tiny two bed room place for longer than 2 weeks on my own during the day... Knowing noone or anything about the place we moved to or where the heck anything was... I was delusional... It was so not gonna happen! Having laughed at all my possibilities, I will have you know some how I was actually able to squeeze a night to myself and sew some squares together... But that was it... And up until very recently hadn't used it since... Anyways... The quilt kit I had purchased is called a Sudoku Kit Quilt, (look up what a sudoku puzzle is on Google and that will help explain things) and I've completed the quilt top and pinned it ready to quilt...Im a tad over excited and overly pleased with my efforts considering all of the squares line/match up and so does all of the sashing!!! This is a big achievement as I struggle greatly with my dyslexia and matching things evenly... Even though there was much to unpick I didn't give up on my goal of having my quilt just right! And this is the end result.... Pls tell me what u think... Trystan

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Done!

It's done! Here are pictures of the quilt I was finishing on the FNSI! It didn't take me long to do... rather its taken me a long time to write about it on my blog! Lol ;-)

I was able to quilt it and then make binding for it and half put it on all the while in the company of me SIS! It was choice! Then the next day we went quilt shop hopping! It was soooooo much fun!

Whilst out shop hopping, I made some discoveries regarding currency... I wanted to buy an awesome Sudoku kit but was not prepared to fork out $35 for the kit and then a further $21 for the accompanying fabrics that bordered the quilt the kit made... I was like, "Surely not!? That's outrageous!"
While we were still in the shop, I had a quick look on one of my have website ( ) which belongs to a lovely lady - Shawna - because there surely was a better deal! And I totally found some awesomeness! In stead of paying $35 for the kit, Shawna was asking only $18! And in stead of paying $21 a metre for the accompanying fabric, Shawna was only asking $6.45 a yard!
Needless to say I went directly home and a decent order (of which included two yards of fabric, a kit, a charm pack, and a few other goodies) that came to the same amount as the kit and fabric, put together, in the store was gonna cost me!

*BARGAIN* says I! I totally scored! Lol

Anyhoo! Enough blabbering and the waiting of good air! I'm off!



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going out to stay in...

Tonight I'm doing the FNSI... or in other words... FRIDAY NIGHT STAY IN! I have a lot of things that need finishing or rather continue doing as they r big projects...

BUT there is a AWESOME (in my opinion) twist to my FNSI this week! Come on! Guess! Give up?? Ok!

I'll be going to my best sewing buds' house to do it! Yipppy! Oh - for those of u who don't know who my best sewing bud is, its my sister Bee!

*does a little dance*

I'm heading off this afternoon - WITHOUT the children mind u (another big bonus!) - with only the shirt (and jumper coz its flaming cold!) on my back and all of my sewing 'stuffs' for company! I'll chuck it all in the ute and *VAROOM* off I go to an awesome night and even awesomer Saturday doing what I love!

*WHOOPIE* *more dancing*

So I'm literally going out (to my sisters place) to do a challenge that requires one to stay it to complete it! The challenge doesn't state where one needs to stay in... mmm??? So I'm taking the liberty of making the 'stay in' part at someone else place! I don't think anyone will mind... :) I sure don't! Lol!

The picture above is of all that I will need for tonight! Can't forget a thing! That would turn a totally awesome thing into a mega disaster! *boo/hiss for disaster*

The last time we tried to do this I ended up spending the night at the hospital with my son who had fractured his finger in the first few hours of Bee's arrival! Wasn't that a mega bummer!
But that's ok! We get to try again!

I'm so excited I could *BURST* - But I won't! That would lead to me having to miss out on my FNSI! :O DISASTER for sure!

Ok well I'm off for a bit! I'll show u what we accomplish during the night! *yippy* I can't wait!



Friday, June 10, 2011

First Paid Job

(Let's see if Blogger will do this post via email!)

My mum saw a mug rug I had made as a gift for someone a few weeks back and asked if I would be willing to make her some so she could give them as gifts etc... I said sure, not thinking anything of it. Later I discovered that she intended on paying me for my works! So this is my FIRST paid job! How brilliant is that!??? I have set out to complete her order ASAP by making (as she has requested) three as thank you's gifts, one as a birthday gift and two matching ones that are just because gifts. Here is what I've done so far! What do you think??? I've not yet finished one of the thank you gift rugs nor have I finished/ barely started the two just because ones... thankfully my mumma is a patient client and is understanding of my 4 loving distractions!! Lol! I will keep you posted on how the mug rugs come along!



Table Runner Gift...

The other day I received a phone call from my mother in law to invite my girls and I out to lunch for my sister in laws birthday! Holly Molly! I forgot her birthday! :O What was I suppose to do for a gift??!! Money was scarce and so I was left with my hands as inspiration for the gift... I dove through my craft idea folders and found many things I thought she might like but nothing that I'd be able to make in time for the lunch that day!
In the end I decided on a table runner that was simple and classy... I knew it would not be ready in time but at least I could make a start right??!! So I cut everything out before we left for the lunch.
By the next morning I had finished the gift and was mighty pleased with myself and my efforts! And was praying that my SIS in law was just as happy with the results as I was!

To be perfectly honest I didn't want to give the table runner away... I wanted it! Lol

I sent a text to my SIS in law saying, "Your gift is ready to be picked up now!" Lol I'm such a dag!

Anyways, she liked her gift and all's well that ends well!

This is the picture of the magazine's table runner and the other is of my runner!

What do you think??? Well I'm a tad chuffed with myself! Lol ill have to make myself one!



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goings On...

Right-O then... here's the thing, to see the pictures your probably going to have to cut and paste the photo link... I know.. it really sux but the sad truth is my phone is crap and I can't upload pictures onto my blog!
Now that is over with, I'll write the rest of my post...

The past little while I've been a beehive of activity, what with moving and all, and my mind has been a buzz with different ideas and projects I've wanted to do!

Some of he things that have been on the plate have included being apart of a Mug Rug Madness Swap... this is my rug...

I.also sent vegimite, chocolate and a pin cushion! The first I've ever made to be exact!
And this is the rug I was sent! I love it! Thank you so much Cecelia!

I've also started to make a shaggy baby lap rug for my girlfriends baby who was born just the other week... I've made loads of progress... here is the "I'm ready to start sewing" picture...

I was sent a lovely package a few months ago from Carrie from Rose's Quilt Co. And have only just sent a gift back to say thank you! I made Carrie a mug rug! I bet she thought her package got lost in the mail or that I was very very rude for not saying thank you! So this is a pic of the package she sent me and or the mug rug I have just sent her in return!

I will write again with more of what I've been doing... as for now it is very late so good night! And sleep tight!

Toodles Trystan


Ok... so here is the deal... I stumble upon this awesome giveaway by by 1 Choice 4 Quilting, while I was stalking one of my quilting buddies, and just had to share it with you!
It so brilliant! I'm so excited! 10 things - that's right - 10 - are being given away! From fabric to cream to quilt kits and there is even jewelry in there too I think???
Anyways, this is massive! 1 Choice 4 Quilting NEVER does things by halves... and we all benefit from their lovely and generous nature!
So get in on it!

This is a ripper of a giveaway!

Toodles! Trystan

P.S sorry I can do more than write about it... I'm blogging on my phone and it won't let me do what I want! BOO!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Move...

ok... so here is a short and sweet explanation of where the heck iv been over the past few months...

we have just moved and my phone has been feral.. meaning iv has to change service providers coz my old one just wasnt cutting the mustard...

meanwhile iv done heaps of sewing... but as i happend to be random i have some how misplaced photos or maybe iv deleted em by mistake??? anyways... iv made a shaggy quilt

this picture is of my youngest playing with my scrappy basket... pretty cute eh???


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boo Boo...

Ok! So I got it horribly wrong! Like hard core wrong :P 
You know the star block I did for P.S I Quilt? Well... I didn't see a part of it and got ALL of the measurements WRONG! 
So tonight I have spent a lot of time redoing my boo boo to the required measurements and standard... This is what the block is "Suppose" to look like...

I'm kind very proud of it!! It is a lot smaller than the one that I originally made... like half the size... I personally think that the smaller ones are cuter... 



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update - The Plan...

Righty-O then! Here it is! I worked on one thing on Friday night that needed my attention... It was my very first table runner... I'm pretty happy with it and am thinking of doing an entire quilt in this style! 


Each of the squares you can see are individual and so I have just moved them into different patterns to see which style I like the best... 

This was what I made...

I like it! And that is just as well coz it's going on my dining room table!! lol!! 
What do you think?? This being my first attempt at this style of quilting and of a table runner in general, I'm pretty happy with the results. Regardless of the fact that I can see that many mistakes its not funny... But alls well that ends well... I have made it and now know what to do the next time to improve on it and I know where i went very wrong, So the next time I make one I'll get it spot on!! 

I'm happy with my efforts of the night - meaning there is one less "Unfinished" project on my shelf! I have an inkling that this is going to be a regular thing!! Hummm?? I might even as a friend to come and stay the night so we cant get twice as much done ^_^!! lol!! 

I hope your Friday night was a success like mine was !! 



Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'd have to say that I'm some what chuffed with myself today! I set out wanting to attempt something new - what I thought was difficult, and ended up going further and beyond my own expectations! 
Rachel, from P.S I Quilt, posted a blog just recently trying to recruit fellow quilters to make Just One Star each for the making of quilts that will go to the American Soldiers over seas.  I scoffed and said to myself, "There is no way in heck that I'm going to be able to make something hard core like that!!" 
But during the night I thought that maybe if I had a tutorial to copy off then just maybe I might be able to do it.. So this morning I set out with the desire to look for, find a tutorial and then have a go at making a star... No pressure... :P 
The tutorial I found and used was from  a blog called V and Co and let me tell you! It was just the type of tutorial that I LOVE! Step by step pictures and instructions as you go!!  
And so here is my star! 

I have promised to not only show my finished result but the before finished pieces... so these are some of the mid done pics...

Almost there...

Are you proud?? I am!! *sigh* I feel better now... I've achieved and learned a new thing! 
I use to think that this block and that ALL star quilts were very fiddly and extremely difficult... but upon closer inspection, a tutorial or two and putting my shoulder to the wheel, I've come to the realization that the only fiddly part about these star blocks and quilts are the cutting!! 



The Plan...

OK! So here is the plan peeps- On Friday night Im going to participate in a Friday Night Sew-in... it is being put together by a lovely lady named Heidi (Friday Night Sew - In) and has me all fired up to work on all of those unfinished sneaky projects that I always seem to find other things to do instead of!

On Saturday morning (or night - depending on when I get the time) I will blog and show all of the before and after pictures of  the things that I have worked on, during the night...

Now come to think on it... I might make every  Friday night a Sew-In night!! What do you think??



The Plan...

OK! So here is the plan peeps- On Friday night Im going to participate in a Friday Night Sew-in... it is being put together by a lovely lady named Heidi (Friday Night Sew - In) and has me all fired up to work on all of those unfinished sneaky projects that I always seem to find other things to do instead of!

On Saturday morning (or night - depending on when I get the time) I will blog and show all of the before and after pictures of  the things that I have worked on, during the night...

Now come to think on it... I might make every  Friday night a Sew-In night!! What do you think??



Competition Time!!

I've just recently become a very big BIG fan of 'Twitter'... And amazingly enough more so than google and facebook!!  With this, I have discovered that there are many competitions on offer all of the time!  One such competition is run by Bailybelle Creations which is simply FANTASTIC!

Here are a taste of some of the great comps on offer! 

Sew, Mama, Sew!
P.S I Quilt
Lesley Grainger Design
1 Choice 4 Quilting
P.S I Quilt 

There are so many other comps out there too. The only thing now to do, I suppose is to go out there and FIND them! Someone has to win!! "Why can it not be me?" says I!!



Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Truth about Mothers

Real Mothers don't eat quiche; They don't have time to make it.
Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils Are probably in the sandbox.
Real Mothers often have sticky floors, Filthy ovens and happy kids.
Real Mothers know that dried play dough Doesn't come out of carpets.
Real Mothers don't want to know what The vacuum just sucked up...
Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?' And get their answer when a littleVoice says, 'Because I love you best.'
Real Mothers know that a child's growth Is not measured by height or years or grade... It is marked by the progression of Mummy to Mum to Mother.....

Images of Mother
4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mummy can do anything!
8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mum knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn’t know everything!   14 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother? She wouldn’t have a clue. .16 YEARS OF AGE - Mum? She's so five minutes ago.
18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date!
25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it!
35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mum's opinion.
45 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mum would have thought about it?
65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mum.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, Because that is the doorway to her heart, The place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that sheShows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It has only just hit me that my type of fabric style, home decor style, quilting style EVERYTHING! Actually has a name! 


Having only just made this discovery re-emphasizes the true fact that I'm dreadfully new to this world of quilting and demonstrates just how much I still have to learn... 


But let me tell you, I'm gonna have an absolute BLAST learning and finding out all there is to know of the things that I like and don't like and all of the ins and outs of this new and lasting passion of mine!! 




I'm so excited to be apart of this!! What? You ask! OK - I'll tell you! 

A Monthly Block Swap!!! YIPPY!! 

Are you excited too?? This is the first time that I've been involved with something like this!! And I can't wait to get started!!

I'm now proudly apart of a blog called 

The lovely lady I'm making a block for is named Jen and she lives all the way over in Pennsylvania (where ever the heck that is -_^) and loves Batiks fabrics and has asked for a log cabin block to be done in them...

I'll be honest with you... I've never done a log cabin EVER and have no idea what Batiks fabrics even look like!! :O I think I'm in over my head here already and I've not even begun! 

ARH! But wait! I've just had a BRILLIANT thought! 


Thank the my lucky stars for GOOGLE!! If I need to find anything - GOOGLE IT! and in a few seconds it'll be right before your eyes!! *SIGH* Gotta love technology when it works!!  

Here are the images I came up with... 

This is Batiks... or a type of Batiks... I think?? ANYONE please correct me if I'm wrong!

And this is a log cabin block... I'm sure we've all seen one before... I know I have - but I've never as yet have I actually attempted one! No time like the present to learn eh?!! :/ Just hope I don't stuff it up! I'd hate to be sending something ghastly for my first blog swap! :(

I might have to go shopping in search for these Batiks fabrics... Oh no! What a shame! More trips to the quilting store!! LOL -_^!!

I'll let you know how I go!! 



Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Came...

My new 1/4 inch foot!! My DH (Dear Husband) bought it for me off e-Bay for $10!! What a bargain!! He knew I wanted and needed one and so went a-lookin' to see if he could get one for me. What a sweet surprise!! And to make it even better it is a Janome foot too and will nicely fit my Janome machine! How observant of him!! LOL!! 
Now - hopefully - I will be able to sew straight!! 

I just needed to share my excitement... :) 




Well wasn't I as proud as punch the other day when I toddled down my drive to my mail box to be greeted with a wonderful thing! A package! And who was it from? Bee!! My quilting sister no less!! Inside was the most beautiful thing that Id ever been given... A pin cushion ring! 

It was such a lovely, unexpected surprise, and it truly brightened my day!! It was custom made just for me too!! Bee knows me too well! I ADORE the fabric used!! Bee and my other sister, Miranda, have matching button and "LOVE" word ones too that were custom made just for them!!    

I'm cheering!! YIPPY for surprises and loving sisters who know me!! 



First Things First...

An apology... I've been struggling with my mobile phone - Which is my only source of internet - and have only just gotten the problem fully fixed! Two replacement phones later and many struggles with dragging little ones into a shop and out again, have once again opened my home to the outside world! 

In general I'm a horrid blogger... better to have some than none me thinks... and having 4 children makes the job even harder to accomplish... *sigh* 

So here is my apology... I'm sorry for not blogging this past month... I hope you will forgive me... 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

First try...

So! What do you think?? It's my first go at satin stitch!! I sat at my machine today and figured out how to do it and what the settings were... then did a practice till it looked correct then went ahead and did it - BAD MOVE!! I did it on the name sake wall hanging!! :O And did it WRONG! Well I had done it right... but not very well... :( So I ruined it and will have to do it again :'(!! *SHAME* 

On a brighter note I have created my own quilt! It probably has a proper name - But MEH! I've called it "The Crappy Scrappy Quilt"!! It is a quilt made of nothing but scrap squares and long thin bits of fabric. Not a thing matches on it and I was afraid it would look awful... But to my surprise and utter delight it looks pretty decent!! 




I've been a bit naughty of late... :o I've been avoiding this blog like the plague for the one and only fact of having already used most of my internet data for this month! :( NOT COOL! So needless to say I've been trying NOT to go over my quoter and by doing that hopefully avoiding a nasty bill :o... 

"What's been happening?" You ask?? Ive been busy doing lots of things and not doing lots of things. I have almost completed that list - ok - so maybe not... I've fixed my embarrassing sewing machine cover: 

Though the bottom has not yet been bound, I reckon it still looks pretty good!! 

I've also finished three drink bottle covers! I've no picture to show as it has been deleted some how from my phone... :P BOO!! 

The one thing that I've been really wanting to do for a bit I've FINALLY done! :) PARTY! It's a - Ummm... I'm not really sure how to describe it... When you see the pic you'll know what I mean... it's a stitchery block keeper... U roll all of your unfinished quilt blocks in it in between stitching sessions so they dont crease and so they are not lost... It's kinda like those puzzle mats... except for stitchery... 

OK~ So I suck at taking pictures :P What can a girl do?? I've gotta fail at something!! Or I'd be too perfect!! LOL 

I'm still struggling with the name sake wall hanging... I can't find the right fabric for it! Nor can I find the right pattern... I wonder if he'd mind some animals?? Humm..?? 

Here is what I've come up with... 

I'm not too sure if I like it enough for it to be good enough you know?? Humm...??


Blessings have been blown my way too... There have been some great fabric sales of late and, in my opinion, I've gotten some pretty unreal bargains!! 

A little shop in Morayfield was flooded during the January Brisbane floods and was having a big flood sale... The bottom level of fabrics was water damaged and (after having been washed and ironed and put back on the bolts) was walking out the door at $8mt!!! So naturally I headed on down there as soon as I could with my three girls in toe, to see what I could get! I skipped away with over 7mt of fabric!! WHAT A BLESSING!! It wasn't even damaged to my thinking!! 
Last week was my other bargain buy... I went out with my three little shadows Fabric Shop Hopping or FSH as I like to call it, and was blessed to walk into a new (new because I'd not seen it before) shop that was having a SALE!! (I LOVE SALES) They were selling fabric for $5.95mt!! Needless to say I couldn't resist getting some as well as 3mt of batting that was only $5.50mt!! WHAT THE?? Have these people gone crazy?? I surely hope they go crazy more often so I can benefit from it!! LOL ;) When I got home, to my utter horror at the sheer lack in fabric in my shopping bag SO immediately resolved to set off for more the next day!! How could I not??!! I came home with more fabric and some lovely panels too!! 
I'm quite satisfied - for now! ;)