Sunday, February 20, 2011

First try...

So! What do you think?? It's my first go at satin stitch!! I sat at my machine today and figured out how to do it and what the settings were... then did a practice till it looked correct then went ahead and did it - BAD MOVE!! I did it on the name sake wall hanging!! :O And did it WRONG! Well I had done it right... but not very well... :( So I ruined it and will have to do it again :'(!! *SHAME* 

On a brighter note I have created my own quilt! It probably has a proper name - But MEH! I've called it "The Crappy Scrappy Quilt"!! It is a quilt made of nothing but scrap squares and long thin bits of fabric. Not a thing matches on it and I was afraid it would look awful... But to my surprise and utter delight it looks pretty decent!! 




I've been a bit naughty of late... :o I've been avoiding this blog like the plague for the one and only fact of having already used most of my internet data for this month! :( NOT COOL! So needless to say I've been trying NOT to go over my quoter and by doing that hopefully avoiding a nasty bill :o... 

"What's been happening?" You ask?? Ive been busy doing lots of things and not doing lots of things. I have almost completed that list - ok - so maybe not... I've fixed my embarrassing sewing machine cover: 

Though the bottom has not yet been bound, I reckon it still looks pretty good!! 

I've also finished three drink bottle covers! I've no picture to show as it has been deleted some how from my phone... :P BOO!! 

The one thing that I've been really wanting to do for a bit I've FINALLY done! :) PARTY! It's a - Ummm... I'm not really sure how to describe it... When you see the pic you'll know what I mean... it's a stitchery block keeper... U roll all of your unfinished quilt blocks in it in between stitching sessions so they dont crease and so they are not lost... It's kinda like those puzzle mats... except for stitchery... 

OK~ So I suck at taking pictures :P What can a girl do?? I've gotta fail at something!! Or I'd be too perfect!! LOL 

I'm still struggling with the name sake wall hanging... I can't find the right fabric for it! Nor can I find the right pattern... I wonder if he'd mind some animals?? Humm..?? 

Here is what I've come up with... 

I'm not too sure if I like it enough for it to be good enough you know?? Humm...??


Blessings have been blown my way too... There have been some great fabric sales of late and, in my opinion, I've gotten some pretty unreal bargains!! 

A little shop in Morayfield was flooded during the January Brisbane floods and was having a big flood sale... The bottom level of fabrics was water damaged and (after having been washed and ironed and put back on the bolts) was walking out the door at $8mt!!! So naturally I headed on down there as soon as I could with my three girls in toe, to see what I could get! I skipped away with over 7mt of fabric!! WHAT A BLESSING!! It wasn't even damaged to my thinking!! 
Last week was my other bargain buy... I went out with my three little shadows Fabric Shop Hopping or FSH as I like to call it, and was blessed to walk into a new (new because I'd not seen it before) shop that was having a SALE!! (I LOVE SALES) They were selling fabric for $5.95mt!! Needless to say I couldn't resist getting some as well as 3mt of batting that was only $5.50mt!! WHAT THE?? Have these people gone crazy?? I surely hope they go crazy more often so I can benefit from it!! LOL ;) When I got home, to my utter horror at the sheer lack in fabric in my shopping bag SO immediately resolved to set off for more the next day!! How could I not??!! I came home with more fabric and some lovely panels too!! 
I'm quite satisfied - for now! ;) 



Thursday, February 3, 2011


*SIGH* Today has been very VERY HOT! Not the best day for sitting in a small stuffy room, bent over a desk, covered in materials and a sewing machine, at the back of the house with the sun shining directly in through the window... So I didn't go into that room today ;) In stead I had my mind bursting with ideas to try and a very BIG list of things to do, of the which I had NO idea where to start... *Another very big and very drawn out sigh*... That list is still staring at me laughing very evilly I swear! But what is one to do?? Get over ones self and JUST DO IT! 


My list of to do's....

* Design and sew/ put together/ quilt/ stitch a name sake wall hanging for a dear friend's gorgeous son... (I've only not started it because I have absolutely NO boys patterns to go off... )

* Make three drink bottle overs for my nieces and nephew and two more for my dearest of friends little bumpkins... 

* Make a stitching keeper (So that all of the blocks I'm stitching don't get crushed when I'm not working on them) 

* Finish my January block of the month for my SISTERHOOD quilt... 

* Fix up my shameful looking first attempt at a sewing machine cover... 

I wonder if there is anything else immediate that I need to add to my list??? Probably plenty but MEH! This will do for now me thinks?? ^_^
I'm going to be one busy bee!