Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two in the Bed...

Last week some time, my second youngest was having a really rough night... It took over two hours to help her get settled again! I tried everything! My bed, her bed, out in the lounge, with her older siblings and even with the dog! Vini was sleeping next to me on the floor when in trudged my little miss dragging her little couch with her! She put it next to Vini then dashed off to get a few things... A blanket, pillow, bottle, glowy and Franky (Franky being the name she calls her little cuddle blanket as she can't get her mouth around blanky...)
So after many a trip back and forth, I helped her set up in the hopes that she would drop  off to sleep coz I was beginning to get cranky pants!
She insisted that Vini have a blanket too... *sigh* I was ready to do anything to get her to bed by this stage, so off I stumbled and came back with a towel (no way was the dog gonna get a quilt of mine like little miss demanded- I'm sorry Son! I love u - but there is a limit...and your smell is it!)

So this is the picture of the two of them! Snug as a bug in a rug!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Monkey Buisness

Last night I took on a project that I've been dying to try out since I first saw my girlfriends little boy wriggling his cute as bottom in my face! lol! 
I'm of course talking about a sweet and totally charming pair of pants called Monkey Pants... Or as I like to refer to them as MONKEY BUMS! 

Now I bought the pattern on Etsy (I looked up Monkey Pants Pattern) and it cost me only $15 for the PDF of which came in 3 sizes... 6mths, 1yr and 2yr... I also chose to get the leggings pattern instead of the flares considering I have girls and leggings look so much sweeter under shirts and peeking from under ruffles and skirts! Though it being summer here and the temprature reaching 30 degrees and higher, I've had to modify the pattern slightly to accomodate our climate... So I have made them short monkey bums! Either way they still look as cute! lol

These pictures are of my very first attempt at making them and they are pretty smick even if I do say so myself and toot my own horn! TOOT! TOOT! 

 (Though she was asleep, I undressed Milly - my youngest - just to see what they looked like on and then took as many photos as I could whilst she wriggled and rolled around to settle herself and get comfy again... maybe poking her once or twice to make her move into a more photogenic position... lol)

I finished them around 1am... it took me so long because I was watching a 3hr long movie in the reflection of my sewing room window LOL! You see I dont have a tv in my sewing room... my thinking is why should I waste time watching tv when I could constructivly use my time sewing! ;)  Yes... welll that is the theory isnt it! :P 
Any ways... getting back too it... in essance the bums didnt really take that long to make from begining to finish... or at least they wouldnt have if that darn movie wasn't on! *sigh* It really matters not since the pants are made and I feel good today...

The material I use was a bargain! I went op shopping again yesterday and bought childrens shirts that had pretty pictures and sayings on them so that I could cut them up and use them for the different coloured bum patches. The patch on Milly's bottom came from a baby long sleeve shirt! The other pink fabric came from an op shop too and I think I only payed $3.00 for almost 2meters... So in essance these pants only cost me $2-$3!! BONUS!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

* Happy Dance *

I finished my Sudoku quilt last week sometime and am proud as punch to show you a photo of it... 
Here it is! My finished product! And I'm mighty proud of it! Even if I do say somyself! Its my first completed quilt that I have done entirely on my own from woe to go AND its the.first quilt I've ever made that I'm heartilysatisfied with! *does ahappy dance* 
The other picture isof a spot on my quilt where I received some loving help from my youngest blossom. AsI sat hand stitching the binding down,Milly- who is just learning to toddle-came up to me with the brightest ofgrins, face and hands covered in chocolate to show off how good of a walker she had now become- when suddenly she tripped and landed in my lap hands and face sprawled all over my lovely nearly finished quilt... *lovingly sigh* this quilt already has  memories... Thank goodness for nappy san... ;-)  I love it!

P.s... This my first post via email, so please forgive me of all the mistakes...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Op Shop Hoppin'


 Every week or so I love to go into town with my littlies and my very good friend Sophie. We go op shop hopping - or second hand shopping - to find anything that takes our fancy like  fabric, patterns and pretty much anything that can be recycled into new clothes or made into something new for the home. When we shop we have 5 children under 4 in toe so it is kind of na adventure going from shop to shop, but it is so worth it when we find AWESOMENESS! 
One such time was the other day when at one of our favorite fabric hot spots Sophie spied a floral quilt top that she didnt like so much (which was a blessing for me coz it rang my bells!) so I got it! The quilt top was only $10! WHAT A BARGAIN! 
My next amazing find was a complete quilt! When I say complete quilt I mean that it had a quilt top, batting and backing fabric! All I need to do with this quilt is to actually quilt it and then bind it! Now this beauty only cost me $20! This one by far was my best and most favorite find! 
Here are some pictures of my finds... though I will confess that that Im not much good with a camera (To be honest I'm mighty pathetic!) but I'm sure you'll forgive me... right? ;)

This is the $10 floral quilt top...

And this one is the $20 complete quilt! It has fishes on it! I love it and honestly I'd never had chosen to make this quilt off my own back, (I dont normally like fishes) but the colours and the way this woman has made it, I can almost feel the care that she has taken with every stitch...

Im overly romantic by nature... lol

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take 2...

What do ye think?

What do you think of my new blog? It has taken me ages to get it sorted and done... And I'm proud to announce that I have done it all by my lonesome! I've even added a signature *does a little dance* ! Some  time soon I'll get myself together enough to get a twitter button and other buttons that lead to other pages and the like!

Tell me what you think??!! I'd love to know!