Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long Ago...

Long ago, I ordered a quilt kit from and planned to do it while we moved... You see we were moving cities and there would b a long time spent staying in a hotel room with my littlies. So with that plan in place I organized to have cart some essential sewing things with me (much to my husbands dismay) such as my sewing machine, some fabric and cutting thingies (im very technical) and off we headed...Ha! WHO WAS I KIDDING!? 4 children under 6 in a tiny two bed room place for longer than 2 weeks on my own during the day... Knowing noone or anything about the place we moved to or where the heck anything was... I was delusional... It was so not gonna happen! Having laughed at all my possibilities, I will have you know some how I was actually able to squeeze a night to myself and sew some squares together... But that was it... And up until very recently hadn't used it since... Anyways... The quilt kit I had purchased is called a Sudoku Kit Quilt, (look up what a sudoku puzzle is on Google and that will help explain things) and I've completed the quilt top and pinned it ready to quilt...Im a tad over excited and overly pleased with my efforts considering all of the squares line/match up and so does all of the sashing!!! This is a big achievement as I struggle greatly with my dyslexia and matching things evenly... Even though there was much to unpick I didn't give up on my goal of having my quilt just right! And this is the end result.... Pls tell me what u think... Trystan


Jacqueline said...

Its super cute!! =) I love the colors! And I think you are blinkin nuts to think you could get anything done in a hotel room with four littles! Sheesh! xoxoxoxoxo

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