Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Done!

It's done! Here are pictures of the quilt I was finishing on the FNSI! It didn't take me long to do... rather its taken me a long time to write about it on my blog! Lol ;-)

I was able to quilt it and then make binding for it and half put it on all the while in the company of me SIS! It was choice! Then the next day we went quilt shop hopping! It was soooooo much fun!

Whilst out shop hopping, I made some discoveries regarding currency... I wanted to buy an awesome Sudoku kit but was not prepared to fork out $35 for the kit and then a further $21 for the accompanying fabrics that bordered the quilt the kit made... I was like, "Surely not!? That's outrageous!"
While we were still in the shop, I had a quick look on one of my have website ( ) which belongs to a lovely lady - Shawna - because there surely was a better deal! And I totally found some awesomeness! In stead of paying $35 for the kit, Shawna was asking only $18! And in stead of paying $21 a metre for the accompanying fabric, Shawna was only asking $6.45 a yard!
Needless to say I went directly home and a decent order (of which included two yards of fabric, a kit, a charm pack, and a few other goodies) that came to the same amount as the kit and fabric, put together, in the store was gonna cost me!

*BARGAIN* says I! I totally scored! Lol

Anyhoo! Enough blabbering and the waiting of good air! I'm off!




brettnkayla said...

looks great, good job!

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