Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breading Rabbits

For the past little while (since the start of Novemeber, when I had a heart attack over how fast Christmas was sneaking up on me and how I'd nothing made and ready for gifts etc..) I've been franticly trying to make things for Christmas... I have decided to make rabbits for my nieces (I doubt I'll have much time for anything else) - but somehow a few have found their way into the hands of others (would you believe it??!) as birthday gifts!!
I have made 4 more that are stuffed and ready to be dressed for my nieces but cant photgraph them as yet considering I sit in my hospital bed at this very moment and they are at home in a basket next to my sewing table... (I pray my beautiful, obeident - who am I kidding - children have not gotten into my room again and trashed it - bless them - Ill kill them in the most lovingly way possible if they have! 

Here are pictures of the first three that I've made and that have dissapeared (one deservidly so as she has been given away in exchange for a manicure!) 

I shall put up another picture of the other Rabbits that I'm making when I get home... Tell me what you think of these ones so far... 

Toodles.. Trystan


Little Creatable said...

Love that patchwork dress one!

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