Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going out to stay in...

Tonight I'm doing the FNSI... or in other words... FRIDAY NIGHT STAY IN! I have a lot of things that need finishing or rather continue doing as they r big projects...

BUT there is a AWESOME (in my opinion) twist to my FNSI this week! Come on! Guess! Give up?? Ok!

I'll be going to my best sewing buds' house to do it! Yipppy! Oh - for those of u who don't know who my best sewing bud is, its my sister Bee!

*does a little dance*

I'm heading off this afternoon - WITHOUT the children mind u (another big bonus!) - with only the shirt (and jumper coz its flaming cold!) on my back and all of my sewing 'stuffs' for company! I'll chuck it all in the ute and *VAROOM* off I go to an awesome night and even awesomer Saturday doing what I love!

*WHOOPIE* *more dancing*

So I'm literally going out (to my sisters place) to do a challenge that requires one to stay it to complete it! The challenge doesn't state where one needs to stay in... mmm??? So I'm taking the liberty of making the 'stay in' part at someone else place! I don't think anyone will mind... :) I sure don't! Lol!

The picture above is of all that I will need for tonight! Can't forget a thing! That would turn a totally awesome thing into a mega disaster! *boo/hiss for disaster*

The last time we tried to do this I ended up spending the night at the hospital with my son who had fractured his finger in the first few hours of Bee's arrival! Wasn't that a mega bummer!
But that's ok! We get to try again!

I'm so excited I could *BURST* - But I won't! That would lead to me having to miss out on my FNSI! :O DISASTER for sure!

Ok well I'm off for a bit! I'll show u what we accomplish during the night! *yippy* I can't wait!




Jacqueline said...

Awe!!! Give her big loves for me and tell her I said to give you big loves for me. xoxoxoxoxo Have FUN! =)

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