Friday, October 7, 2011

Op Shop Hoppin'


 Every week or so I love to go into town with my littlies and my very good friend Sophie. We go op shop hopping - or second hand shopping - to find anything that takes our fancy like  fabric, patterns and pretty much anything that can be recycled into new clothes or made into something new for the home. When we shop we have 5 children under 4 in toe so it is kind of na adventure going from shop to shop, but it is so worth it when we find AWESOMENESS! 
One such time was the other day when at one of our favorite fabric hot spots Sophie spied a floral quilt top that she didnt like so much (which was a blessing for me coz it rang my bells!) so I got it! The quilt top was only $10! WHAT A BARGAIN! 
My next amazing find was a complete quilt! When I say complete quilt I mean that it had a quilt top, batting and backing fabric! All I need to do with this quilt is to actually quilt it and then bind it! Now this beauty only cost me $20! This one by far was my best and most favorite find! 
Here are some pictures of my finds... though I will confess that that Im not much good with a camera (To be honest I'm mighty pathetic!) but I'm sure you'll forgive me... right? ;)

This is the $10 floral quilt top...

And this one is the $20 complete quilt! It has fishes on it! I love it and honestly I'd never had chosen to make this quilt off my own back, (I dont normally like fishes) but the colours and the way this woman has made it, I can almost feel the care that she has taken with every stitch...

Im overly romantic by nature... lol


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