Monday, October 17, 2011

Monkey Buisness

Last night I took on a project that I've been dying to try out since I first saw my girlfriends little boy wriggling his cute as bottom in my face! lol! 
I'm of course talking about a sweet and totally charming pair of pants called Monkey Pants... Or as I like to refer to them as MONKEY BUMS! 

Now I bought the pattern on Etsy (I looked up Monkey Pants Pattern) and it cost me only $15 for the PDF of which came in 3 sizes... 6mths, 1yr and 2yr... I also chose to get the leggings pattern instead of the flares considering I have girls and leggings look so much sweeter under shirts and peeking from under ruffles and skirts! Though it being summer here and the temprature reaching 30 degrees and higher, I've had to modify the pattern slightly to accomodate our climate... So I have made them short monkey bums! Either way they still look as cute! lol

These pictures are of my very first attempt at making them and they are pretty smick even if I do say so myself and toot my own horn! TOOT! TOOT! 

 (Though she was asleep, I undressed Milly - my youngest - just to see what they looked like on and then took as many photos as I could whilst she wriggled and rolled around to settle herself and get comfy again... maybe poking her once or twice to make her move into a more photogenic position... lol)

I finished them around 1am... it took me so long because I was watching a 3hr long movie in the reflection of my sewing room window LOL! You see I dont have a tv in my sewing room... my thinking is why should I waste time watching tv when I could constructivly use my time sewing! ;)  Yes... welll that is the theory isnt it! :P 
Any ways... getting back too it... in essance the bums didnt really take that long to make from begining to finish... or at least they wouldnt have if that darn movie wasn't on! *sigh* It really matters not since the pants are made and I feel good today...

The material I use was a bargain! I went op shopping again yesterday and bought childrens shirts that had pretty pictures and sayings on them so that I could cut them up and use them for the different coloured bum patches. The patch on Milly's bottom came from a baby long sleeve shirt! The other pink fabric came from an op shop too and I think I only payed $3.00 for almost 2meters... So in essance these pants only cost me $2-$3!! BONUS!!!


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