Saturday, January 29, 2011

Late night...

My pro as quilting sister, Brie, came to stay the night last Friday so we could quilt the night away and enjoy each others company. All was going very VERY well when my son broke his finger and I then had to put everything aside and rush him to the hospital... 4 hours later we arrived home... But I was PUMPED!!! I was so ready to quilt All night, I was just hoping my sister was just as
Keen as me! 
We ended up staying up till 3am doing applique! Brie had asked me to teach her so I did and while we sewed we watched the "Polar Bear King." It was great to just sit down and and sew and not have to worry about a thing!! I was able to appliqué my whole picture too... Granted it was not that big... ;)
This is what we sewed,

I did the mushrooms (by the way they are like my new FAV!!) and Brie did the cup cake and tea cup. 

On the Sat Brie went home early :'( and then I used my MUSHIES in a project! I made a pathetic excuse for a sewing machine cover...:( Ok... that's a bit harsh... it was really REALLY good until I put it all together - wrong... :P I used my new free hand quilting foot for the very first time EVER too!! Not only that - but it was the very first time I had actually done any free hand quilting of any kind.. So naturally I was devastated when I discovered I had sewn it together wrong! It is all crooked and weird looking! 

It's all funky looking don't you reckon?!! I LOVE the mushrooms (Brie drew them for me) but the rest is totally horrid!! *SHAME* I'll have to unpick it and do it right! Cant have something as shameful as that in my sewing room on my wonderful machine!! UGH!! NO WAY! 


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